Change of Circumstances form

If your circumstances have changed since you completed your original application then you need to inform us of any changes by using this form.

If you are completing this form as you now wish to apply for the Seaside & Country Homes scheme and you meet the minimum age requirement you will find that there are a number of extra questions you will need to complete. These can mainly be found in the "Current Home" and "Your Requirements" sections of the form.

You can log in by using your User ID number and date of birth.

Once logged in you will see that the form contains the information you provided when registering. Please make any changes as you move through the pages. You will need to click “next” at the bottom of each page to save those changes and move to the next screen.


Once the form is completed the system will calculate whether the updated information you have provided has altered your eligibility or priority. If it has then your landlord will need to verify the new information you’ve provided. If you are registered for Housing Moves, you will be unable to bid for further properties during this process and any bids already made will not be considered. If you are registered for Seaside & Country Homes you cannot be nominated for a property until your new circumstances have been confirmed.

Your landlord has up to 15 working days to reassess your application and you will be notified of the outcome by email or letter.

If the change has no impact on your eligibility or priority then you will be able to continue bidding for property without interruption if registered for Housing Moves. If registered with Seaside & Country Homes you will continue to be considered for property in your areas of choice.

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